Pharmaceutical Industry Cleaning Services - MKP Validation


We perform detailed HEPA/ULPA filter integrity tests. These tests are mainly performed for the Pharmaceutical and Microelectronics industries. The tests are done in accordance with IES-RP-CC-001-86 & ISO 14644. We have sophisticated equipment to perform HEPA Filter Integrity Test with both DOP (i.e. Di-Octal Phthalate) and PAO (i.e. Poly Alpha Olefin), depending upon client-facility's specific requirements. The above tests assure that client's filters are in conformance with various standards/norms and/or governing agency requirements. 

         It is recommended to do the Testing and evaluation of filters minimum once annually and potentiality twice annually for achieving optimum performance. We provide proper documentation and certification which helps to the predict potential performance issues and increases filter life.