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Biosafety Cabinet

A biosafety cabinet (BSC) is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace specially designed for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens, requiring a defined biosafety level. Pathogens are a group of microscopic organisms that are capable of reproducing on their own, causing human disease by direct invasion of body tissues. Bacteria often produce toxins that poison the cells they have invaded.

      The primary purpose of a bio safety cabinet is to protect the laboratory personnel, product and the surrounding environment from pathogens and other biohazards  during routine procedures. These bio safety cabinets are designed to meet diverse applications in the life science, clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratory. All exhaust air is HEPA-filtered as it exits the biosafety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Reverse LAF

       Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle providing containment by air movement. The pre-filters located at the base of the rear wall capture the airborne contaminants generated. Intake velocity at pre-filters increases to ensure scavenging effect. A small
percentage of air is discharged from the booth through the bleed exhaust HEPA filter to maintain the working space under negative pressure. The
advantages of these units are that there is no cross contamination and also no risk or inhalation of powders. 

Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic Pass Box is designed to allow material transfer through controlled environment without much personnel movement to minimize man /material movement & avoid cross contamination between different classified areas. This is specifically installed to minimize movement of personnel for transfer of material into and from the clean room. Dynamic Pass Box provides a barrier between the areas and sweeps away particulate load if present on the surface of object.


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